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SEO For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation for small business owners

One of the most common questions I receive is "What *is* SEO?" shortly followed by "How do I improve it?"

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the process of organising your website and online content with the goal of appearing higher-up in a search engine results page when people search for your business or service- this is commonly referenced as your 'Google Ranking' but relates to all types of search engines, even including social media platforms.


SEO strategy is the art of crafting your web presence in such a way that makes it easier for search engines to connect your prospective customers with your content by successfully matching the 'keywords' they're searching for, with the content you have presented on your online channels (Website, Google business, Social media etc)

Pockett Marketing provides a transparent and accessible approach to SEO by working closely with you to define the 'keywords' most important to you, creating a professionally tailored SEO strategy & SEO copywriting package.

How does SEO work for small business owners?

Example: Let's say you own a Bicycle Shop, but you aren't getting much traffic to your shop's website.


In order to attract more customers to your website & shop, you will want to appear high up in search engine results for keyword searches such as 'Bike Shop', 'Bicycle Parts', or 'Cycle Repairs' in your local area - This is where SEO strategy comes in to play...

I will work together with you to establish the major keywords most important to you, and assess how customers are finding you online. With effective SEO strategy, your online channels will become an irresistible offering for search engines such as Google to crawl through, soaking up all those juicy 'keywords' that your customers are looking for, and bumping you up the ranks in searches for your niche.

Search engine optimisation isn't just about websites and google profiles, there are all sorts of opportunities for SEO hiding on your social media channels and third-party sites too.


Still feeling a bit confused? that's okay! I'm here to make SEO strategy a fun, rewarding process that gives you real results and an excellent return on investment for your business.

Are you looking to improve your ranking in search engine results? Get in touch with me today.

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