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Photography for your business

The old adage 'A picture paints a thousand words' rings truer than ever in the age of smartphones and devices, with users spending more and more time on visual platforms, looking to be inspired, delighted, and informed.

When looking for new places to try, and things to buy, more and more people are looking to image-based platforms like Instagram, and customer led platforms like Google Maps to provide them with a realistic and candid snapshot of what a business has to offer.

Whether you've just started and need visual content for your website, or need engaging pictures of your products & services to get more people through the door, Pockett Marketing provides professional photography packages that make an excellent first-impression with new customers, and promote a reliable brand identity to make your regulars feel part of the gang.


With down-to-earth, reasonably priced packages that provide a true representation of your business, we provide photography that reflects your brand's unique style and atmosphere - connecting you with the right people, via the power of images.

If you're looking for something a bit extra, we can also get creative with the endless possibilities of Adobe Photoshop. Maybe you want to give your shots a more stylised feel? need a rework for some tasteful black & white shots? whatever the case, we've got you covered.

Are you looking for professional photos for your business? get in touch with me today.

In-person appointments are available to book in Brighton & Hove, UK.  For clients further afield, I also offer Online appointments via Google meet/Zoom/Skype, or we can arrange a phone call to discuss working together.

Take a look at some recent shots for Brighton & Hove businesses below..

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